The research project Artistic Strategies to Re-View History since the 1990s deals with the field of research of history in art after the end of the Cold War. It thus builds on the tradition of the history painting, which experienced its decline in the 20th century. Nonetheless, since its demise, artists continue to deal with historical events from the past and present in their works – the history painting has been replaced by images of history that need to be defined more precisely. The research project aims to show, on the one hand, how what used to be a highly ideological genre has been transformed against the backdrop of the dawn of a new era since the 1990s and in the course of changes in contemporary history, visual and historical science studies, as well as by expanding various artistic media. What intermedial relationships artists deploy in their works is, on the other hand, linked to the question of the historical events on which they are constructively based. It gives rise to further questions, such as that of the concept of the image of history as a figure of thought for ideas and interpretations of the past, for a society’s memory cultures and its representations in media. The results of the research project Images of History in Contemporary Art will be published under the same title, prospectively in 2024.